Hyper Inventory, Crafting, Hotbar, Lootchest & Vendor System V2

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Feb 5, 2023
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Hyper Inventory Crafting Hotbar Lootchest Vendor System
Any game needs an advanced inventory system, right? It does not matter what game, this is the one for you! I have made this highly adaptable and customizable inventory system for you.

Key Features
This system is very extensive, the core features are as follows:
  • Inventory system
  • Crafting System
  • Vendor System
  • Lootchest System
  • Hotbar
  • Professional UI
  • Over 250 predefined items
  • Pickup System
  • Datatable driven UI changer
  • Excel import logic
  • Inventory Controls:
  • Split
  • Transfer
  • Custom Amount
  • Transfer All
  • Swap Stacks
  • Combine Stacks
  • Default action
  • Drop
  • Inventory Options:
  • Decay

Each item has the option to decay
The decay multiplier can be changed so we can simulate a refrigerator, freezer, or hot environments
If an item is fully decayed, it can be destroyed, chosen to be not useable anymore, require repair or even spawn a new item (e.g. spoiled meat)
Slot system

You can choose to use the limit of the inventory on weight or amount of slots
  • Dynamic slot creation
  • Weight based
  • Slot based
  • Initial inventory

It is possible to assign starting items
The amount of inventory slots can be tweaked per inventory

  • The Inventory component can be switched to a vendor by clicking ”Is vendor”
  • The vendor is based on a trade list which can use categories to spawn items.
  • You can tweak the sell and buy price multipliers for the vendor
  • The vendors do have: “Not interested” categories.
  • The vendor has an amount of coins and cannot buy if it is not sufficient.

  • The Inventory component can be switched to a loot chest.
  • The loot is based on a loot list. I’ve set up low, medium, and high-quality loot chests
  • The loot can be determined per choice, per category, and even per item!

  • The Vendor and loot chest have a restock and reset ability. The timer will trigger after the interaction.
  • Each item restocked can be set:
  • A chance to spawn
  • If spawning, what is the min and max amount that should be spawned?
  • If restocking, don’t exceed this number of items.

The inventory component can be used for crafting abilities.

The player also has crafting abilities without a workstation. Open your inventory to see the crafting options of the player (Tab or I). Crafting is recipe-based. So the player needs to know the recipe to be able to see and craft the item. Recipes are category-based. E.g. Fish can only be cooked at a fireplace/campfire. The crafting station can have the option to have an On/Off requirement. It can also require fuel to be consumed. The accepted fuel can be set as a priority and manually be defined. Fuel can be anything like Sticks, logs, coal or whatever you like to define. Crafting queues can be canceled per stack or for all.

About Hyper
Hyper is empowering virtual world builders like yourself. Eric Ruts is running it and is the creator of all assets.

I would like you to focus on the creative side of your project, and I want to provide you with the building blocks to kickstart your dream. I have spent years of work on the assets I have made available and you can leverage that knowledge and work on your project! Please feel free to share your projects in Discord or via mail! I would love to know what awesome things you are working on.

Quality First
The best and nothing less. Our core principles keep our assets the top of what’s available.

Where possible:
  • Complete and flexible, I include the most common use cases for most types of games in our products.
  • A data-driven approach, so adapting is easy. We provide spreadsheets for mass edits.
  • Flawless integrations.
  • Blueprint only, so we keep it accessible for you and your complete team.
  • Extensive documentation, I try to comment on everything in the code. Besides that, the systems come with documentation after verification. I try to not only explain what happens by also why. I want you to be able to learn.
  • I aim for my assets to be production-ready.

Example Images and content
On the product page, I use some example images of how it can look in a populated scene. That populated scene is not included. The scene in the example area is. Check out the demo for the full experience!

Technical Details
  • Enhanced Input
  • Network Replicated
  • I expect it to work on all platforms, only tested on Windows
  • Main logic implemented in actor components so you can drag and drop it on an actor
  • Datatable driven where possible

Blueprints: 185
Meshes: 416
Materials: 234
Textures: 1219

Multiplayer Survival Framework
All my v2 assets can be combined into a Multiplayer Survival Framework. Check out the details in the discord to get early access!

Support, community & Documentation📁:
Initial Support like bug encounters, data models, and a supportive community are available after purchase verification. You can do so by mail or via Discord. The latter has an automated bot that works via a command to verify.

Documentation📑can be viewed and downloaded via Discord without verification. All my YouTube 🎥 tutorials are also available there.
The discord is a meeting place where other game developers in the same boat as you can discuss, showcase, and help each other out. That also includes me, the developer [Eric].
I try to comment on everything in the code. I try to not only explain what happens by also why. I want you to be able to learn.

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