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Feb 5, 2023
Saudi Arab

Hi Everyone ;)
Welcome to Telegram Staff Family

:) EFFECTIVE DATE: July 11, 2021 :)

This forum's primary purpose is to share stuff with needy people (especially for webmasters) in a convenient way, you can download various kinds of scripts, forum software, themes, plugins, and lots more. You can also discuss related issues or solve other's concerns on particular topics.
So, if you have not registered yet, then register now and be the part of the family. ☕

Though there's many websites/forums sharing scripts, add-ons, etc. Telegram Staff stands out of them for the following reasons:
There are no resource download limits.
Everything free, no time/download limits, no subscriptions.
Almost all resources are entirely untouched/virus-free, which are the same distributed by developers (excluding the modified nulled ones shared by members to make the resources work properly/ad-free).
Lots of community members always active in helping each other.
Categorized sub-forums for different topics.
Now, to make a community running excellent there must be some rules & terms to be followed.


Write only in English; the thread structure should look good with an appropriate picture (if require), description, and other necessary information. Don't make it look as if a kindergarten kid has written it.
If you wish to earn by sharing, then you can use only a single layer of ad (short-link generator type of ads), but remember there shouldn't be a second adlayer, and the link should be valid with actual working content behind of it. If you get caught doing over-smartness, your account will be banned permanently.
Don't share any download links which give limited speed/require premium accounts to download. Recommended upload hosts are Google Drive, and Upload. ee,, or any other which doesn't restrict download speed.
While sharing licenses/premium accounts/logins/purchase codes etc., use "... Insert - Spoiler" option, but make sure it doesn't violate any copyright issue.
Don't behave with any one of the community members/moderator staff in the wrong manner, and never take any abusive/insulting words; keep it clean.
All content you submit, upload, or otherwise make available to the forums may be reviewed by staff members. All Content you submit or upload may be sent to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention services). Do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential.
You agree not to use the forums to submit or link to any Content which is defamatory, religious, abusive, hateful, swear words, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains hacking, any cracks/patches (example: windows/MAC cracks, patches, etc and also includes things like Chrome Extensions.) of operating systems which violate Google copyright policy, pirated, adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, encourages unlawful activity, or otherwise violates any laws. You are entirely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from, that Content or your conduct.
We may remove or modify any Content submitted at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice. Requests for Content to be removed or modified will be undertaken only at our discretion. We may terminate your access to all or any part of the forums at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice.
Don't ever spam; this forum is no-way a place to promote your blog/website/forum/social media either directly or indirectly. Keep the core contents of your post to this forum only (We may put a temporary ban or permanent ban depending on spamming level). This also includes the content of PMs you send to other members.
Don't post anything which is/are 100% identical/same with some existing content. So before posting, it's better to SEARCH to see if the content is already available or not. This condition doesn't apply to currently expired cookies, accounts, logins, or outdated stuff. 100% duplicate content-based posts will be removed.
Don't post any links to any 3rd party websites, forums, or blogs (warez, cracks/patches, pirated content-based), especially one which requires registration. This rule doesn't apply to the "site review" forum.
Every forum section may/may not have additional rules; please look in the sticky notice content or announcement.
Keep yourself away from making Duplicate Accounts for taking extra benefits, joining a promotion/giveaway multiple times, and self-promotion by increasing your reputation meter (likes, positive reviews on own products/threads/services, me-to-me discussion to increase post counts, etc.). If we find any, then the secondary or optional accounts may get banned with a warning alert to the primary account holder. This also applies to GIVEAWAY THREAD OWNERS/HOLDERS They must limit giveaways only to those who have been a member of Telegram Staff for at least 30 days by using the relevant hide tags to reduce spamming or chances of duplicate account that users makes during such giveaways. Giveaway content should be included in the hide tags. PM's are NOT an acceptable way to distribute giveaway content. In addition (as of April 5th 2021) only those who have been members of Telegram Staff for at least 30 days may start a giveaway thread.
Upon violation of rules, a member will be warned first with 5 points; if the member reaches 10 points (2 times), the member's account will be permanently banned. This term (2 times) may not apply to those members who joined the forum very recently (few mins/hours ago, or it's their first post starting with spamming, shits, promotion, any above violation). In such cases, the members may get permanent BAN instantly.
Posting/Sharing of affiliate link/referral link will be considered only if the AFF/REF. ID is required to gain the offer/product/service (ex: only affiliate link will give less/discounted price to the buyer than the regular rate, or only that referral link is required to join a website/developer's site/avail service). MEANWHILE, MAKE SURE YOUR ID IS VALUABLE FOR THE REFERRED PERSON & SHOULD ACT DIFFERENTLY THAN A NORMAL PROCESS. POINT TO NOTE THAT AFFILIATE/REFERRAL LINK SHOULDN'T BE USED/INCLUDED WITH ANY AD-SKIP URL SHORTENER. Note that a NON-PAYOUT based link shortener (ex:, etc.) can be used to reduce ONLY the link length and NOT for ANOTHER PURPOSE.
To make it simple to understand, your affiliate link should be a part of an affiliate program that belongs to the target service website and not a double or triple redirect from an ads link generator that contain the target service url. Disguised short url that in many cases are harmful for the end user are prohibited. Only real affiliate links that belong to real affiliate program on the target service are permitted.
NOW! To use affiliate links, every member should be eligible with the following "Give back to the community first" conditions (This applies to new threads added since August 12th 2021):
Signatures/Profile: If you do not meet the requirements for selling in the marketplace (see marketplace rule 15 below), you may not use your signature to promote services/items you sell on external sites/forums etc (This also applies to the website link section on your profile). If breach of this rule is seen, your signature will be edited by a member of staff. Even if you are eligible, you're not allowed to make the signature promotional TEXT / BANNER size too big . . . It should no way disturb the eye-sight view.
We might not love babysitting or so called spoon-feeding nerds or lazy butts most of the time. So before making a silly lazy request (which already exists on Telegram Staff) blindly please move your wiener a little aside and search for the stuff first (NOTE: Before making a valid request please check REQUEST STRUCTURE RULE HERE, then post request in this REQUEST SUB-FORUM), else your request thread might get locked (with or without warning) as well as warning or suspension of user account (based on circumstances of stupidity or so called dumbness) .
Starting a thread of content from a GPL site (free or paid) (in name of giveaway or whatever shitty excuses) is strictly not allowed. Firstly these sites can't be trusted (code might be tampered) and secondly most of the resource stuff they sell is stolen from Telegram Staff anyway (it has been proved many times by forum staffs). Hence, upon violating this strict rule the thread will be closed with/without mentioning the reason (user will be warned in such case) and to the extreme point the thread owner's account might get banned instantly without any notice or warning without any change of getting unbanned in future.
Regarding REVIEW Threads: We staff team has observed that many people are just taking advantages of the "Review section" for getting backlinks/clicks/views/sells etc regardless having any reputation/contribution towards Telegram Staff or not. Even we have seen many people are creating Reviews thread instantly just after joining (such tactics are completely worthless spam arrived from some random cheap minds). Hence, here are following rules before creating a review thread, violation of the following rules may lead your thread to be closed instantly, get a negative warning point, or even get banned (due to potentially spam-alike circumstances):
The user account must be minimum of 48 hours old before creating a review thread.
To make things very friendly family environment, the user must introduce himself properly (with at least minimum basic intro. information rather that just "Hi / Hello people / Hello forum / Love all " etc spam type of very short contents) in the "Introductions" section to get some warm welcome wishes from our forum members and to get to know each other at same time , (who knows you may get your play partners :p:LOL::ROFLMAO:,kidding ! ).
Introduction will certainly increase your "Messages" count, so your profile needs to have atleast 10 "Messages" count before making REVIEW thread.
Please make your REVIEW thread clear with all the basic requirement details: ex:
domain name
website duration
website niche type (optional: including some non-sensitive information about the website (example: website hosting company / server specification / theme or design name/ which plugins have been used etc ).
Type of feedbacks your are expecting from members (design / speed / overall performance / traffic etc).
The thread title should be "Review : website address" (ex: Review:") or "Please review my website". Means, keep the title clean, do not over style it so that it looks like more spammy title rather than attractive classy one.
Any websites added for a review that contain inappropriate content will be removed immediately at our discretion.
REGARDING MAKING REQUEST: We have seen many old users (specially inactive due to only making requests/leech purpose) as well as new members (recently/just joined without any other activity on any other thread) creating "REQUEST THREAD/POST" asking for free stuffs, and then mostly disappears till making another request in near future regardless of any participation in any thread or even a little introduction or any other contribution/sharing. Such junks are increasing rapidly day by day. So make things go smoother in line and to make the environment clean & worthy for actual contributors before making any request thread the following rules should be followed (Note: violation of any following rules may cause warning to your profile / thread will be locked with or without mentioning reason (as obvious you've checked the "I agree to the terms and privacy policy." checkbox while joining the forum ;)) /your account may get banned based on circumstances.
Before making any "Request Thread" you must introduce yourself in the "Introductions sub-forum".
Your profile should be at least 2 hours old (from time of account registration), it's mandatory not to just signup and then in next minute create a introduction thread and then on next minute create a Request thread. So be careful on this.
The User's profile post statistics page should not consist of more than 2 REQUEST THREAD sequentially, be good and act generous by taking times in participating in other running threads, appreciating the contributors, welcoming new members etc. We have seen many user's profile only contains Request posts / Please update this / Please share this / New version released ! please someone . . . etc etc etc (n) If we find such profile making only sequential requests (more than 2 sequentially) then that account would be considered as "Leeching rats" and such accounts may get warning / temporary locked or even permanently BANNED based on circumstances.
While making a REQUEST THREAD Please make it clean and easy to understand for everyone with official source link / reference link as well as appropriate title from what forum member's can have clear understanding what you are asking for actually.
Before making any REQUEST, please "SEARCH FOR ON FORUM" first, only if it doesn't exist = then create Request thread on it . As per the above RULE #17 we don't comply babysitting lazy nerds, so your legendary laziness might bring more trouble for you as mentioned on that Rule #17 .
Don't even think of making duplicate account For taking ultra benefit of making request thread / post . . We may apply "NO MERCY" in such cases . Instant BAN !!
[REGARDING CREATING HAVOC / RESOURCE ABUSE]It has been observed since a long time that:
Many arrogant dipshits (those who are actually bad) just appears from no-where and comments / posts / reviews a resource as "Virus / Malware / Trojan" without any further valid proof, and upon asking for proof they no more reply [Check this one for example], meanwhile their main purpose is to abuse the resource or the resource distributor/nuller, nothing else.
Many dickheads, sorry I mean stupid brainless people who doesn't have basic understanding of the following:
Many VirusTotal engine shows false-positive alert when the engine detects some encrypted code (mostly by developers, unless some third-party morons integrate it), if the resource distributor/nuller is someone who can be solely Trusted and he/she claims if to be "SAFE / Own Purchased" then please ignore such false-positive alert from VirusTotal as those alert can be safely ignored.
Many theme/plugin developers intentionally integrate encrypted code to their resource just to secure/protect their code. It's completely fine and should be ignored, hence please don't worry about that developer-made encrypted code by considering them as virus, meanwhile DO NOT CREATE UNNECESSARY HAVOC ANY HOW AS WELL.
Hence, if it has been told earlier by such ethic uploaders to ignore the false-positive warnings (only caused by that developer-made encryption) then please ignore, If you don't show any valid proof (non-developer-based encryption/third-party harmful codes) then please do not create unnecessary meaningless posts. If you're that big jerk and still feel afraid again & again for such things then please support the main developers and purchase those required resources officially, Cause even after things are clarified/mentioned repeated times to be as SAFE and still being dumbass you act dumb, talk dumb, create dumb posts/threads then you may get warning as well as install account Ban (based on circumstances). So better watch your steps carefully before claiming any resource as false-positive Virus.
Sharing/selling or any form of re-distribution of database leak / leaked backup data/dump of website or forum community is no way allowed, let's be honest to each other. Such kind of leaked offline website/forum backup data (which are possibly caused by hacking or fraud act by the forum/website staff for blackmail purpose) may contain various kind of sensitive data's (login credentials, credit card numbers etc.) This also applies to any form of "cracked" login details for any sort of accounts.
Beside selling/sharing/re-distribution any kind of script/service/any datatype which is used for fraudulent activities (ex: Ponzi scheme/script) are strictly prohibited. Violating the rule or linking with such activity may cause your account to be suspended based on circumstances with or without any warning.
It has been observed that many users are asking/requiring other member's email address/contact info for their offer/giveaway/sell etc. purpose on their respective threads. Since such tactics may cause email/contact details collection act for marketing/spamming purpose, such acts are hereby now forbidden here. No user should ask or share their contact details for such purposes publicly (except for payment links/info or similar details for different valid purposes which are mandatory for respective thread types). Violation of this act would lead to thread locking with warning issued to the thread owner. The thread owner may request to unlock the thread by confirming his availability with forum staff team to change the thread contents without causing unnecessary spamming possibilities.
Sharing access to premium type accounts (Netflix, Envato Elements etc) by way of using Cookies is forbidden. The usually last at most a day or 2 and ends up with lots of posts complaining they don't work anymore. Selling of NETFLIX accounts are prohibited, so no such threads will be entertain.
If a member wishes to limit who downloads their resources they may password protect their resource and set a requirement that a user must meet before being able to see the password. The requirement must be set using the hide content function and can be limited by number of days the user has been a member or number of resources a user has shared. You may not set the requirement to be more than...
Number of Resources - 3
Days Been a Member - 30
You must include the password (hidden as per above) in both the Resource Details page and the first post in the thread. You may not request that users must PM you for the password.
And just a reminder that anything you submit as a resource must have been purchased by yourself and proof of this must be shown to @Babak on request. Additionally you are not allowed to charge members for resources.
All resources listed in a thread must be freely available to all members, you are not permitted to pick and choose within that thread who gets the resource (unless it is restricted as mentioned in rule #25 or you are using hide tags for giveaways within the thread ), neither should any resource be sent through the use of pm/dm or any other private message. If you have put restrictions on your resource, then any member who doesn't meet the set requirements and tries to bypass them by asking you personally should be reported immediately to any Telegram Staff staff member, who will then deal with that member as they see fit and potentially give them a warning or a ban. Any thread owner who decides to bypass their own set restrictions and give out restricted content to unqualified members, will themselves be dealt with accordingly and could have any privileges removed, warned or banned as well.
XenForo support policy must be maintained only for users seeking for help related to XenForo.
Anyone found and proven to be sharing Telegram Staff Resources outwith Telegram Staff will be issued warning points or given a permanent ban.


ALL new Webmaster Marketplace threads are now subject to approval by staff before being published.
All the above forum rules are applied.
While selling something put all the necessary details [Exactly how/where the product works, it's right sides/wrong sides, validity, service duration, if there are any chances of product getting expired/blocked/suspend - if yes then also mention in details, refund policy in more information (how to refund & when or in which situation/occurrences).
Selling of nulled products is no way acceptable (unless it is nowhere available freely on internet and the buyer requests the nuller personally to null or pay for the nulled product while keeping in mind that if you become victim of doing this business with someone we may not consider your complaints/request in favor of you by considering it as your stupidity. So, seller/nuller better should mention this as well while making the product description completely clear too its users and the buyer should also understand consequences of such deal.
If you have purchased themes, plugins, etc. from official authors like Themeforest,codecanyon, etc. then you are not allowed to sell the individual license separately to everyone, as in such cases if someone leaks the license online or report to the author then the license holding account gets suspended/blocked. Hence in such cases, if you're willing to sell then either sell the entire account (having login ID, pass) so the buyer can manage it as per wish, or just don't sell for such risky cheap tactic types of selling (The reason is clearly explained here).
For other types of Themes, Plugins, Scripts etc (especially those with multi-site licences) again you are not permitted to sell the licence key directly for the above reasons. However you may offer the service of installing the product on a customers site and activating the licence for them. NOTE: If you are offering this kind of service you will have to prove to staff that you have purchased the product directly from (and hold an account with) the developer. This is necessary because we aware of members who have only purchased a licence key from a 3rd party and are reselling such. In these cases the seller has no control over the licence if something goes wrong.
After first selling of the product you're not permitted to edit your first post (ex: by claiming that you forgot to mention/write that the product is of 1 month, not lifetime/1 year validity-based or by requesting that you forgot to say/write the product works mainly works in one country, not globally, or on particular hosting account/device, etc.). Do never try to act over smart by doing this trick for fooling your existing customers. Extra violated actions will be taken along with instant permanent BAN in such Albert Einstein's cases.
If the seller anyhow violates the above terms, then politely, he/she should admit own-mistake & issue refund (based on the topic-mentioned refund policy) to the customer. For issuing a refund, the seller will have at most 72 hours ( 3 days) of time. No excuses (like out of planet earth/home/laptop/city/state/country) or system broken, in shortage of money, will be tolerated. In cases of Hospitalization, surgery, accident types of things the seller is required(must) to provide an estimated time of fixing/resolving the issues in his/her selling thread + profile timeline + mailing the buyers (optional) within seven days of the interval before taking an extended leave. Violation will cause BAN to the seller account.
Until the given period of 72 hours or the given estimated time (if any) by the seller for solving the issues the customer/buyer should no way harass/abuse/insult the seller, keep it clean & user-friendly.
While buying something from a seller, please be careful regarding the circumstances mentioned above & take note of each detail of the product you're purchasing. Better to avoid BTC payment or any other payment gateway/procedure which can't be traced (ex: Paypal, Paytm, etc. kind of payment processes are convenient) & don't just be brainless stupid to run towards mysterious offers/products - apply some sense/logic's, check all details, payments procedures, refund policy, product validity, risky/risk-free, etc. We are no way liable for your loss due to your core stupidity. This applies especially if you buy something outwith a Marketplace thread or from someone who is not eligible to sell on Telegram Staff and in these cases Telegram Staff staff will not help you resolve any dispute with the seller, indeed we will ban the seller.
Selling of any kind of Microsoft products (windows, office) keys which serves permanent activation [subscription based license (ex: office 365) can be considered after review approval], or any other kind of activation keys (online/offline) that can be easily generated from third-party keygens or giveaways, etc. .are forbidden.
While being connected with the above Marketplace Rule: 2 + 3, selling of premium accounts, scripts, and services (Google, Netflix, AmazonPrime, etc.) are quite malicious sales as the ways they are made (bin, card, faking trial, etc.) which have chances of getting suspended/blocked (don't intend to teach admins how those are made or works using cheap filthy excused). While selling such things, the seller must mention in the thread about these prior unforeseen circumstances/warnings (ex: product/account may get banned anytime in future, etc.). If we find engineered/tricky/incomplete posts, the post/thread may get CLOSED without any warning.
We accept that the most trustworthy payment gateways like (Paypal, Stripe, etc. where transactions can be traced & reported regarding any unusual circumstances), in such cases the user/seller can provide services/ sell stuff by mentioning some other payment gateways (should be accessible, trusty, transactions can be tracked & reported).
If any sold digital products/items/services prove to be faulty, not working, banned, suspended, buggy, expired, etc. before usual/given time, then the buyer can report the transaction/dispute PayPal, etc. claim about faulty service/product. The seller is liable to provide solutions/fixes of those reported items/services within ten days of reports. If the seller fails to resolve/fix the reported issues (while the seller's main post should already contain all the positive-negative effects & their resolutions/fixes/refunds/replacement etc.) within the specified times or no assurance/confirmation of resolution reports comes from the seller. The seller's "Trusted Seller" badge (if exists) might be revoked along with permanent BAN on the seller's account.
Since Telegram is a complete high anonymous platform where user tracking/details checking or verification - meanwhile, trustworthiness is not possible, and these ways it is being used rapidly for spamming and scamming due to the platform's anonymous nature = Posting Telegram links of any channel, bots, etc. are prohibited. You can not use Telegram for the marketplace, promotional or referral purpose primarily here.
Re-Distribution of any products (ex: google drive scripts, downloader script or any other standalone means which doesn't need any official linking/website/license/updates/supports, etc. can't be sold separately unless you are the author of the script, even script can't be modified while selling to make it look alike self-claimable product. We have seen people selling scripts of the same official price/little higher/lower with false excuses - without any support - incapable of error fixing or even gone after selling. So, this kind of selling is now FORBIDDEN.
“NEVER TAKE MORE OUT OF LIFE, THAN YOU INTEND TO GIVE BACK” - Means: We've noticed just after joining Telegram Staff, many members start selling on Marketplace without valuing the community. NOW! To post a marketplace thread for purpose of sale, every member should be eligible with the following "Give back to the community first" conditions:
THE USER MUST BE MINIMUM 1 MONTHS OLD (This applies to new sales threads added since March 25rd 2021)
You must provide proof of your service to @Deepansh or @Medw1311 before your sales thread will be approved. This may include you being asked to provide a "vouch" copy of your product/service to him. If you are not prepared to do this then do NOT try and start a sales thread.
FOR GROUP-BUY:To post a Group-Buy thread for purchasing something trendy/useful/expensive etc. but not available freely every member should maintain all the Marketplace rules strictly and be eligible with the following "Give back to the community first" conditions:
ADMIN GROUP-BUY: (Optional choice where the above Group-Buy fails to improve the reliable satisfactory rate, and members feel unsafe to deal with ordinary forum members): Either Admin team (@Babak @andykim) or admin-approved/assigned individual Moderators can handle the given Group-Buy stuff/threads which are chosen by desired/interested members, and then maintain - sharing - nulling (if possible) - distributing between community members or participated people.
While selling something, don't use words like "LIFE" / "LIFETIME", nothing lasts for a lifetime, neither you - me - or any product service, so don't create a false/fake bait to dupe users !!!
Selling of nulled products that are NOT freely available here or elsewhere is allowed. However, your item may be reviewed by admin/moderator.
Legally purchased/made products are risk-free while illegally obtained/carded/BIN/tricky made products may get suspended/banned any time. We have observed sells related to various cracked accounts like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify premium etc type of streaming website's cracked accounts never succeeded and seller's have always used cheap, lame bullshit excuses to sell such accounts by false promise like "accounts will last forever/yearly/monthly". Then they either disappear or starts ignoring/managing buyer's complaints, lot's of complaints starts coming from such fishy selling threads. So selling of such cracked /carded / tricky made accounts no more allowed to run. If anyone if found to run / start such kind of thread and if we find them same fishy, the user will be instantly banned (if new or repeated violation), warned (if old) and thread will be trashed.
Any promotional giveaway service (account,streaming,hosting etc 3rd party (means not well famed top brand service providers like google, namecheap, Netflix, etc which are globally famous), more precisely services that are personally/professionally offered by Telegram Staff members in name of giveaway or short period of offer MUST HAVE MINIMUM OF 7 DAYS OF TRIAL/FREE LIMIT/TESTING PLAN OR WHATEVER CUSTOM PHRASE THEY TAKE TO MARKET THEIR BUSINESS. Less that 7 days of duration of any kind of giveaway/free trial etc etc will be considered as DUPE MARKETING TACTICS and the thread will be closed.
THREAD BUMPING: Since long we have observed many people taking these tactics more as a SPAM(as follows):
Using known phrases (ex: bump / bumping / we are active now / up / Hello) unnecessarily (means which doesn't have any relevant content or meaning / doesn't give any brand new spicy addition to the main post / repetition of same old thing again & again) spamming multiple times in a day (even if their thread doesn't getting proper/any response from other members).
Unethical way of using spam-based bumping words multiple times in a day and then again deleting them own-self in order to remain undetected.
We understand that your intention is to bring your topic in highlight/eyesight of other members at random times. But ! The above approaches are purely BULLSHIT ! . So unnecessarily thread bumping is permanently prohibited from now and would no way be tolerable. Only if you have something brand new addition to service / spicy new meaningful addition for your particular thread then you can add such NEW ADDITION once a day only and normal type of thread bumping (without using above mentioned spam tactics or unethical practices) would be considered only once in a time span of 48 hours [with condition that between your three bumps there must be responses from other random legit peoples (not your fake accounts), if you don't receive response from other peoples in between of 3 generic bumps = don't try to create any more bumps and LISTING STYLE OF SAME PILLARS OF BUMPING LINES WOULD BE CONSIDERED AS SPAMMING AGAIN.
FINAL:One time violation of above BUMPING procedures/rules will lead your thread to be CLOSED (with warning). Seccond time violation = You will be prohibited from any selling on Telegram Staff (with last warning). Third time violation = BAN .
This rule also can be considered as general rule: We have seen many people here comes with various kind of free / paid hosting service either as a giveaway or paid plan with or without some other additional offers to gain customers. Well there's nothing wrong here unless such "sellers/giveaway holders" starts disappearing or their short-lived domain which was used as a cheap tactics to collect user data (contact details or even credit card no. (if it was insecurely used)). Hereby ! every domain with this kind of offers (hosting / customer-based services) must be at least 2 months old with proper/authentic-lookalike design related to the given service, secured, having some existing customer and results on google search (as sometimes some domains appears to be too new - they appear on Telegram Staff even before on Google search) , also the thread holder must be a good reputation holder without any negative impacts on community. Violating this would cause warning as well as account suspension based on other circumstances.
Selling of Google stuffs (GSuite account, Google drive unlimited accounts etc) has always bad records on Telegram Staff, it also created unnecessary nuisance to us (moderators). Hence selling of Google stuffs are completely prohibited, Any kind of act on selling these things (even by using some modified yet similar terms) would cause violation and warning will be given, repeat mistake will lead to permanent ban or suspension from selling anything.
With regards to Want to Buy [WTB] threads - You may not reply to a [WTB] thread offering your own product or service unless you meet the requirements for selling as listed in Marketplace Rule #15. If you do not meet the requirements your post will be deleted and warning points or a ban may be issued. In addition all such transactions must take place within Telegram Staff (Via the PM system) otherwise Marketplace Rule #8 regarding staff involvement in disputes will apply.
All purchases you make from the Telegram Staff Marketplace are at your own risk therefore you should thoroughly research the buyer and their offer before purchasing and only pay using a method that you can claim your money back if something goes wrong.
Telegram Staff staff cannot and will not help you get your money back if you are scammed, but we will ban any scammers.


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