Topdown Engine 2.4 Unity

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Feb 20, 2024
The TopDown Engine is the most complete top down solution for Unity.
From the creator of the acclaimed Corgi Engine, it is the best top down action framework out there, whether you're new to Unity, or an experienced developer. Clean code, good practices, optimizations, its strong foundations allow for the creation of both 2D and 3D top down games. It's very fast and works on desktop, mobile, and anywhere you want. Packed with features, built with player feedback and great game feel at its core, and constantly updated, it's the best tool to create 2D or 3D top down game that actually feel good!
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This 2D and 3D engine includes:
- A tight character controller for your player, complete with collision detection, slope handling, movement, jumps (and as many more jumps as you like), weapons (melee, hitscan, projectiles...), damage types, grid based movement, auto aim, stun, combo weapons, charge weapons, surface sounds, dash, running, crawling, and more. Easy to control and tweak via the inspector to create your very own character. The game comes packed with different examples to get you started, along with a complete documentation.
- Game feel at its core : the asset comes with MoreMountains' MMFeedbacks system built-in, to add screen shakes, freeze frames, particles, chromatic aberration, and many more game feel feedbacks with a simple click.
- Packed with content, the asset is filled with demo levels, and provides you with all you need : tons of ready to use, handcrafted visual assets (and that you can actually use, not just placeholder art), 300+ optimized scripts, and tons of ready for production prefabs.
- Includes the Inventory Engine, usually sold separately but offered with the TopDown Engine. Complete inventory management solution. Create inventories, items (collectables, usable, equippable, etc), ammo, customize and extend everything!
- Advanced AI system : create complex enemy, boss, or friendly AIs behaviors by combining actions (shoot, patrol, reload, pathfind, wait, etc) and decisions (enemy in sight, time, player direction, health, damage, etc) using only the inspector, no code needed!
- A strong camera controller built on top of Unity's Cinemachine with tons of options : pixel perfect, camera shake, post effects...
- Everything you need to create your levels : moving platforms, an advanced room system, persistence, smart input management, progress management, collectibles, a loot system, kills manager, destructible crates, keys and chest/doors, and more. Also achievements, dialogues, progress management, save and load, and tons of other useful stuff!
- Multiplayer ready : the asset comes with 3 local multiplayer demo, with their own set of rules, camera system (split screen, group shot) and combat for you to build upon.
- More Mountains : the engine comes bundled with Nice Touch, the Inventory Engine, and MMFeedbacks, three successful libraries by More Mountains that will help make your game better, along with examples of how to use them with TopDown Engine. Note : the separate, standalone assets would remain a separate purchase.
- Hundreds of visual assets (platforms, tiles, playable characters, levels, particle effects, animations, enemies...) ready to use in your 2D or 3D topdown game!
- Mobile controls that work everywhere - Procedural ready : the Engine lets you create levels any way you want, whether it's by handcrafting them, or via procedural generation (or any other way). You can check a 2D example of proc gen to get you inspired. - The whole codebase is heavily documented, and everything's coded to be as easy to customize as possible. Creating your own adventure game has never been this fun!
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support form. You can also check the documentation, it will answer most questions.


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